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To help make sure that everyone has a good day,
we politley ask that you make yourself aware of our
'Event Do's & Don'ts' listed below.
We thank you in advance for your co-operation & compliance:)

IMPORTANT NOTES for All Visitors:

DEVCON Operates a Strict 'No Touch Policy'
Visitors Must Respect others desired 'Personal Space'.
Unwanted approach &/or intrusions will not be accepted.
Zero Body &/or Person Shaming.
Altercations, Public Disputes on any level
+ Language, Conversation, Scanty Attire,
Lack of Personal Hygiene, Replica Weapons that could be
deemed offensive &/or cause anxiety to others,

will not be tolerated.
Is in mandatory for all Visitors to have their own Personal Supply
of Hand Sanitiser + have a Face Mask on their person
& be willing to wear it, if it will help someone feel less
uncomfortable, most especially, in tight or close contact situations please.

Non-Compliance with any of the above, will result in immediate eviction from premises, without refund.

Please Ensure You Read The Laptop Version for Event Full T&Cs & Cosplay Rules. Apologies it won't all load on the Mobile App.


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