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Nick Joseph

Nick first became aware of Acting when a friend of his who had an agency for extras asked him to help her out as someone had let her down at the last moment. He never acted at all and was curious so he went along and did the job and went home with £10 in his pocket. Mmmm he thought that was the easiest £10 that he had ever earned . So off he went to an acting school in Essex for 6 months and took in so much and learned the rest by watching the big actors of the day. He found an agent who took him on and that is how it all started.
He received  a call from his agent asking him if he would be interested in a low budget film called ' STAR WARS ' as the Medal Bearer, and he said yes of course . He went for a fitting because the costume was far too big for him so it was altered to fit. He was called to the set about 2 weeks later and you know the rest. The most ICONIC FILM EVER !  He also worked on a film with Glenda Jackson called " The Incredible Sarah " in the scene of Joan of Arc who was burned at the stake.

He has worked with 3 Dr Whos  ( Tom Baker , Peter Davidson , Colin Baker ) and also on 2 episodes of Blakes 7,  first as the Android  in ' Head Hunter ' then ' The Animals ' .    He was the Armoury Officer in the  James Bond film   ' The Spy Who Loved Me ' .  He was the Milkman in East Enders for nearly 3 years from the 2nd episode onward . He worked on  ' We'll  Meet Again ' as the Top Gunner in the B17 bomber (USAF) , also  ' Secret Army ' as the Tail Gunner in the Lancaster Bomber (RAF) .  Football Referee in ' The Manageress ' .  He has also worked on many TV commercials and he says he  thinks the best ever was working with Aerton  Sennor . He was taking the part as Alain Prost and drove the F1 car as Nick was at the time a F3 Race Driver.   He has also ran for England and Great Britain in many marathons, 51  in all , the last being in Sri lanka . This was from 1986  until 1992 . He has also ran in other long distance races.  

Nick loves meeting all the Star Wars , Dr Who and James Bond fans and others who love to converse at the conventions and also to sign a few autographs for them.



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