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Tina Simmons

In Tina's own words : 

​Tina appeared in Star Wars Return Of The Jedi as a Rebel Technician in the Headquarters Frigate, Main Briefing Room.

She has also appeared in a number of iconic films, including James Bond movies, Die Another Day, seen in the Ice Palace, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights, and Octopussy.

As well as -
The Dark Knight, Superman III, Supergirl, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Little Shop of Horrors, and Mission Impossible.

Tina has played Anne Heseltine in both The Iron Lady movie, and Margaret a TV Movie.

Tina has worked on Film, TV. Featured Commercials, Corporate Videos, Photographic Modelling, and has also worked abroad.

She has appeared in Eastenders, Coronation Street, The Bill, Lewis, Inspector Morse, Little Britain, French and Saunders, Only Fools and Horses, Magnum PI, and Hart to Hart.

She has attended classes at Arts Educational School, and has had work as a Ballroom Dancer on TV movies and serial dramas.

Tina has been Helen Mirren's stand-in and double on Red 2, and also a stand-in for Meryl Streep, Miranda Richardson, and Amanda Redman.  She has been a stand-in for Gemma Jones and Celia Imrie on the Bridget Jones movies.

She was a stand-in for Belinda Mayne on Krull, and was Ellen Greene's stand-in and double on Little Shop of Horrors.





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